Clear Prequalification™

Instant credit screening solution to boost approval rates

Prequalification makes it easy to connect consumers with the right credit options. It’s a straightforward process that can make a big difference for your approval rates. Consumers consent to prequalify for credit offers on your website.

After being screened against Clarity’s products, consumers learn which of your loan products they may qualify for. If they choose to accept the presented loan products and terms, they proceed with the credit application.

Clarity’s prequalification service is a consumer consent-based credit screening solution allowing clients to provide consumers credit options that they may qualify for.

Our prequalification service is effective because it incorporates the Clarity data that lenders have come to trust. With more than 62 million unique subprime identities, our database helps you evaluate your pool of applicants and strengthen your financial results.

Clear Prequalification Features

  • Consent-based, real-time credit screening
  • Instant invitation to apply
  • Soft hit—does not affect consumer’s credit file

Clear Prequalification Benefits

  • Increase approval and take-rates
  • Connect with your customers via screening
  • Provide customers with their best credit match to keep them returning over the long-term

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