Underwriting Solutions

Clear Ability to Pay™

Clear Ability to Pay™ offers innovative real-time reporting to help lenders quickly evaluate an applicant’s ability to repay. Key elements from Clarity’s proprietary database combined with traditional credit bureau data provide a comprehensive view into a consumer’s alternative and traditional debt obligations.


  • An exclusive product, only available from Clarity Services.
  • A snapshot into a consumer’s debt-to-income ratio.
  • Helps lenders easily estimate cash flow.
  • Helps determine a consumer’s capacity to take on additional debt.
  • Provides an at-a-glance view of debt obligations.
  • A one-stop FCRA-regulated report with information from Clarity and a traditional credit bureau.
  • Insight into the stability of an applicant’s reported income, housing and employment.
  • Provides better data for lenders to expand market offerings.

Clear Recent History™

Clear Recent History™ is a tradeline report that was designed for storefront small-dollar lenders. This report provides the last 90 days of loan activity across all participating storefront lenders. It also provides select information about online loan activity for broader visibility.


  • A report that is designed for storefront small-dollar lenders.
  • Provides key information related to an applicant’s loan activity over the past 90 days*:
    • Loan inquiries.
    • Detailed tradeline information for open and closed loans, in a Metro 2 format, including:
      • Opened date.
      • Closed date.
      • Loan amount.
      • Balance due.
      • Past due.
      • Timeliness of payments.
  • Summary tradeline information for open and closed loans.
  • Collections and charge-off activity.
  • Provides additional visibility into online loan activity.
  • Provides select loan activity for up to one year.

Clear Tradeline™

Clear Tradeline™ is a real-time report designed specifically to help lenders make better underwriting decisions by providing an in-depth view into an applicant’s inquiry and loan history.


  • A tradeline summary providing an overview of consumer’s detailed tradeline information.
  • The detail of a consumer’s reported tradeline activity presented in the industry standard Metro II format, modified to accept real-time reporting.
  • A detailed list of the most recent transactions.
  • A frequency/time evaluation inquiry cluster.

Clear Bureau Lite™

Clear Bureau Lite™ is a cost-effective, real-time report that provides you a choice of three predictive credit scores and 85 credit attributes to help lenders make better underwriting decisions.


  • Provides you a choice of three from the following scores:
    • VantageScore® 2.0 – A general use credit score that is consistently calculated across all three bureaus, and rank orders the likelihood of delinquent or derogatory behavior.
    • VantageScore® 3.0 – The next generation of the VantageScore, with up to 25% predictive lift over VantageScore 2.0 and a score range that aligns with the FICO score range.
    • FICO® Risk Score, Classic v2 – The most widely used version of the “traditional” credit score.
    • ScorexPLUSSM – A score that performs exceptionally well in the retail and non-prime space with the ability to score more thin file applicants than traditional credit scores.
    • Clear Credit – Clarity’s proprietary score that incorporates the most predictive credit attributes for online small-dollar lending.
  • Summarizes trade line information for auto, mortgage, bankcard, and student loan accounts.
  • Returns the 85 most predictive attributes for online payday and other subprime lending.

Clear Bureau™

Clear Bureau™ provides the full traditional Experian™ credit report with either the FICO™ or Vantage™ scoring model. Clear Bureau™ allows you to compare Experian’s header data with Clarity’s current information. When combined with Clarity’s Clear Control System™, you can make easy automated decisions based on a traditional credit report.


  • The complete Experian™ credit report.
  • Both FICO™ and Vantage™ scores available.
  • Ability to view both Experian’s and Clarity’s header details.
  • A risk scoring model and reason code based on your Experian™ selection.
  • Uses Social Security Number for specific inquiries.

Clear Credit Attributes™

Clear Credit Attributes™ provides complete visibility into a consumer’s credit inquiry history, as well as loan performance history, payment obligation and debt ratio. Attributes can be viewed in aggregate, or by tradeline type.


  • FCRA-regulated product
  • Clarity’s exclusive data with over 750 predictive attributes
  • Attributes available in aggregate and individual tradeline levels
  • Credit inquiry and loan performance segments
  • Available time periods from 24 hours to 7 years of loan history*
  • Available in real time

* Tradeline attributes go back 7 years. Inquiry attributes go back 3 years.