Alternative Credit Reporting

Alternative credit reporting is a helpful way to earn credit among thin file, no file and nonprime consumers. For consumers with little to no credit history, alternative credit reporting can demonstrate fiscal responsibility. Lenders can use alternative credit reports to assess the creditworthiness and ability to pay of consumers who have no traditional credit history on file with the traditional credit bureaus.

We’ve Got You Covered with Clarity’s Clear Ability to Pay Solution

Get ahead of the CFPB proposal. Clarity is one step ahead with Clear Ability to Pay™. Our exclusive product provides real-time reporting so you can gain insight into a consumer’s debt obligations. We’ve done our homework.
Income: The Proposal
Under the proposal being considered by the Bureau, the lender

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Six Ways Clarity Can Improve Your Underwriting

Clarity’s alternative data comes from a variety of financial service providers, including auto financers, short-term installment lenders, small-dollar credit lenders, online small-dollar credit lenders, telecommunications and more.

When this information is combined with a traditional credit report, you have a much better picture of who your applicants are and the

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