Alternative Lending

Alternative lending is lending that takes place outside of a banking institution. Alternative lending is a fast-growing industry that includes loans, lines of credit, or cash advances to individuals or small businesses, outside of the traditional forms of credit offered by a bank, credit union, or the SBA. Alternative lending is alternately referred to as marketplace lending, peer-to-peer lending and P2P lending.

2018 Alternative Financial Services Lending Trends

It’s finally here! Clarity’s 2018 Alternative Financial Services Lending Trends Report examines subprime borrower behavior and trends with valuable industry insights.

Relationships matter! Existing customers represented 37 percent of the 2017 loan market, but they opened more than half of the loans in 2017.
Being in the right place counts! Of all loans to new customers in 2017, 73 percent were made online.

Packed with five years of Clarity data and

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We’ve Got You Covered with Clarity’s Clear Ability to Pay Solution

Get ahead of the CFPB proposal. Clarity is one step ahead with Clear Ability to Pay™. Our exclusive product provides real-time reporting so you can gain insight into a consumer’s debt obligations. We’ve done our homework.
Income: The Proposal
Under the proposal being considered by the Bureau, the lender would be required to verify the amount and timing of a consumer’s income either through bank statements, benefit statements, or

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