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    A Lender’s Guide to Identifying the ”Intent to Not Pay” Consumer

A Lender’s Guide to Identifying the ”Intent to Not Pay” Consumer

Storefront Lenders: How Much is First Payment Default Costing You? Learn how a lender got a 10% reduction of default rates in 3 months.

Spend less than fifteen minutes discovering:

Why altenative data is crucial to underwriting.
What an intent to not pay consumer looks like.
How to identify consumers who have a 56% chance
of defaulting.

First payment default is the single largest threat to small-dollar lenders.

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Clarity Services Offers Compliance Solutions for Utah Lenders

Clearwater, Fla. – As the leading real-time credit bureau for the non-prime market, Clarity Services is prepared to offer a variety of solutions to assist online and storefront lenders with the compliance requirements found in Utah’s current regulations as well as the Deferred Deposit Lending Amendment (Utah Code § 7-23-401) that will become law on July 1, 2016.

The existing lending requirements and the Amendment apply to any lender who

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We’ve Got You Covered with Clarity’s Clear Ability to Pay Solution

Get ahead of the CFPB proposal. Clarity is one step ahead with Clear Ability to Pay™. Our exclusive product provides real-time reporting so you can gain insight into a consumer’s debt obligations. We’ve done our homework.
Income: The Proposal
Under the proposal being considered by the Bureau, the lender would be required to verify the amount and timing of a consumer’s income either through bank statements, benefit statements, or

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Clarity’s Compliance Tool Kit

At Clarity, we pride ourselves on being proactive when it comes to regulations. We stay focused on implementing compliance solutions for our customers so they can focus on running their businesses. Clarity has proposed solutions for each of the following items from the CFPB’s rules proposal1 (“Proposed Rules”), created to help our customers achieve compliance and avoid disruptions.

The following summaries are just a representative sample of the Proposed Rules.

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Clear Ability to Pay™ Helps Lenders Understand the Financial Situation of Their Applicants

When it comes to examining a consumer’s ability to repay, Clarity Services, Inc., the leading subprime credit reporting agency providing fraud detection and real-time credit risk management solutions, has been paving the way for the last year with Clear Ability to Pay™.

Launched in June 2015, Clear Ability to Pay™ combines Clarity’s exclusive data with Experian’s traditional credit bureau data and provides a comprehensive and unique report that helps lenders

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