How to Combat Online Lending Fraud

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. But when you’re conducting business online, the eyes and every other fragment of identity is concealed. The “hidden” nature of the online environment makes it a breeding ground for fraud.

Fraud in all its forms is so pervasive in

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In the Fight Against Fraud, How’s Your Data Doing?

Fraudsters work around the clock. Your fraud prevention measures should too. Fraud prevention is a primary concern for any business in the lending industry. The growth of digital and mobile technologies makes it increasingly difficult to determine who is on the other end of a transaction.

A lender’s risk is

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Clarity Services Introduces Clear Fraud for Online Installment

Clarity Services introduces its newest solution specially designed to predict “intent not to pay” fraud for customer-not-present transactions, Clear Fraud for Online Installment. Available now, the new product offers a powerful score whose performance has shown to more accurately assess online loan application risk.

“The online installment market faces unique

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Fraud Signature Indicators, The Newest Technology in the Battle Against Fraud

Clarity Services, Inc. is proud to announce its newest tool in the fight against fraud, Fraud Signature Indicators. Based on findings from Clarity’s fraud team, Fraud Signature Indicators identify loan applications that have the characteristics or “signature” of a known fraud perpetrator. Unlike traditional rules and models, these signatures

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Clarity Services Announces Clear Fraud™, The Next Generation of Fraud Products

Press Release 08/07/2013

CLEARWATER, FL – August 7, 2013 Clarity Services, Inc., the leading real-time credit bureau providing fraud detection and credit risk management solutions for Middle America, announces its newest product, Clear Fraud™.

Clear Fraud™ is part of the next generation of fraud products from Clarity. Like its predecessor, Clear

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