Optimized Decisioning for Today’s Risk Manager

An eGuide to Risk Mitigation
In our data-driven world, lenders who do not utilize updated underwriting tools accounting for today’s industry trends are at a serious disadvantage. That’s why more lenders are turning to alternative credit data for risk mitigation.

Featuring the most nonprime consumer data of any credit bureau, information at Clarity is constantly updated.

Underwriting Tools for Risk Mitigation
Today’s lender is confronted with a continually changing nonprime market.

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The Evolution of Credit-Risk Evaluation

The Evolution of How Lenders View Credit-Risk Evaluation

These days, the predictive nature of the best data available in approving loans can have an immediate impact on a lender’s business. The underwriting process has changed quite a bit throughout the past decade. The better lenders understand why that is, the more you might grasp what moves to make today for a better tomorrow.
In our latest spotlight on credit-risk evaluation,

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Six Ways Clarity Can Improve Your Underwriting

Clarity’s alternative data comes from a variety of financial service providers, including auto financers, short-term installment lenders, small-dollar credit lenders, online small-dollar credit lenders, telecommunications and more.

When this information is combined with a traditional credit report, you have a much better picture of who your applicants are and the level of risk they truly represent.
1. Real-Time Reporting
In the subprime market, it is especially crucial to have real-time

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Clear Income Attributes Focuses on Evaluating Consumers

Clarity Services, Inc., the leading real-time credit bureau providing fraud detection and credit risk management solutions for Middle America, is launching its newest product, Clear Income Attributes™. With exclusive and proprietary data available only from the Clarity system, Clear Income Attributes™ is intended to assist financial service providers in determining the stability of a consumer’s income, employment, and housing.

“At Clarity, we carefully examine and analyze all available data and

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Clear Bureau Lite™ Helps Lenders Make Better Underwriting Decisions

Clarity Services, Inc., is proud to announce its enhancement of Clear Bureau Lite™. A robust and cost-effective product, Clear Bureau Lite™ arms lenders with multiple benchmarks and other variables to assess risk, and now allows providers the flexibility of choosing three different scores to help meet their underwriting needs.

“Our providers have expressed their interests in using the FICO score, so we listened to them and have made this happen,”

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How Lenders Can Gain Better Visibility on Applicants

Clarity Services, Inc., the leading real-time credit bureau providing fraud detection and credit risk management solutions for Middle America consumers announces that its newest product, Clear Recent History™, is being made available at no-charge for storefront providers who contribute loan data to Clarity.

Clear Recent History™ is a preventative underwriting tool that helps providers identify and better understand credit usage patterns of non-prime consumers.

“There are a small percentage of cases

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