How to Unmask a Fraud Ring

Clarity’s fraud team exercises round-the-clock vigilance by utilizing the subprime credit industry’s largest database. Below are the details of one example of how Clarity works with clients for industry-leading security against fraud.
Fraud Ring Moniker: Excel Vision Capital

Modus Operandi: Listing “Excel,” “Vision” or “Capital” as employers on applications, among other red flags

Clarity Fraud Team Member: Bruno Gomes, Certified Fraud Examiner, 14 years of experience

The Win: Proactive information sharing and

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    Lending Risks in Today’s Alternative Financial Services Market

Lending Risks in Today’s Alternative Financial Services Market

The Subprime Population is Broad and Diverse

Given the variability of the subprime consumer population, individuals seeking alternative financial services each carry their own unique history. But accessing a more complete view can be a challenge.
In this piece, we explore some of the challenges lenders encounter while looking to expand their consumer universe:

Concerns for mass migration online
Risks worth taking (and avoiding)
How to unmask a

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In the Fight Against Fraud, How’s Your Data Doing?

Fraudsters work around the clock. Your fraud prevention measures should too. Fraud prevention is a primary concern for any business in the lending industry. The growth of digital and mobile technologies makes it increasingly difficult to determine who is on the other end of a transaction.

A lender’s risk is naturally higher with a subprime borrower than with a traditional prime consumer. As fraud in its various forms continues to

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Top Two Fraud Rings Q1 2016

1. Fraud Ring Name: Tor Bandits
Modus Operandi: On every application, this fraud ring uses TOR* IP addresses and / or VPN proxy services. Over 90 percent of the home phone area codes do not match the home address state and over 40 percent of applicants use an out of state bank. The identities consistently fail some part of identity verification although the SSN used on the fraudulent application

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Top 3 Fraud Rings

1. Fraud Ring Name: Texas Yahoos
Modus Operandi: On most of their applications they use valid addresses from Texas and Louisiana and accounts from the big national banks.
The Big Giveaway: This fraud ring usually structures their e-mail address First name + First letter of last name + 3 digit # + such as or with the word ‘love’ in it.

96% of their applications have an incorrect Texas Driver’s

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