Is Credit-Based Underwriting the Solution to Fraud?

Due to limited visibility, a provider is restricted to viewing the traffic and activity of an applicant in their system. Based on data gathered in their organization and relying on a bureau supplied credit score many businesses make credit-based decisions on limited knowledge and relying on a credit score.


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Top Two Fraud Rings Q1 2016

1. Fraud Ring Name: Tor Bandits
Modus Operandi: On every application, this fraud ring uses TOR* IP addresses and / or VPN proxy services. Over 90 percent of the home phone area codes do not match the home address state and over 40 percent of applicants use an out

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Application Trends Q3

Current Fraud Trends: High  Scorers Fraud
The most notable and active fraudulent activity Clarity is currently seeing is a group called High Scorers. This group is very unique in that they appear to be using real identities and, when run against Clarity products, the majority of these identities

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Application Trends Q2

Driver’s License as a fraud prevention tool
Adding Driver’s License (DL) validation into your fraud prevention strategy can help you detect fraudulent applications. One of the reasons is that DL number is not easy to steal. Typically, when an identity is being stolen, victim’s information may include name, address, DOB,

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Top 3 Fraud Rings

1. Fraud Ring Name: Texas Yahoos
Modus Operandi: On most of their applications they use valid addresses from Texas and Louisiana and accounts from the big national banks.
The Big Giveaway: This fraud ring usually structures their e-mail address First name + First letter of last name + 3 digit #

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Fraud Signature Indicators, The Newest Technology in the Battle Against Fraud

Clarity Services, Inc. is proud to announce its newest tool in the fight against fraud, Fraud Signature Indicators. Based on findings from Clarity’s fraud team, Fraud Signature Indicators identify loan applications that have the characteristics or “signature” of a known fraud perpetrator. Unlike traditional rules and models, these signatures

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Clarity Services Inc. announces its new Fraud Research Team in collaboration with the ITRC

Press Release 04/05/2012

CLEARWATER, FL – April 5, 2012 – Clarity Services, Inc. announces the formation of its new fraud research team. The team is collaborating with the Identity Theft Resource Center and fraud researchers hired by Clarity Services to attack an ongoing problem in the non-prime credit industry.

In the

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