How to Think About First-Party Fraud

First-party fraud may feature multiple forms of deception which vary in sophistication, but it often begins with a basic premise – with applicants who simply present themselves as the borrower. They use their own identity, or parts of their identity, with the intent to defraud for financial gain. In

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How Lenders Can Navigate Risk in the ‘Big Fraud’ Era

Fraud and Credit Risk
While fraud and credit risk are two distinct factors that can be intellectually distinguished with ease, measuring the difference in practice can be tricky. That’s due, in part, to the fact that both have overlapping risk in common.

When a loan reaches first payment default, at

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Figting Fraud Is Easier With Clarity

Credit fraud comes in many forms to threaten your business in multiple ways, from loan stacking to synthetic fraud. Effectively fighting fraud requires a comprehensive approach – and a proven partner – to help you eliminate blind spots that can erode your bottom line.

How Clarity Fights Fraud:

Alert lenders

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