The Evolution of Credit-Risk Evaluation

The Evolution of How Lenders View Credit-Risk Evaluation

These days, the predictive nature of the best data available in approving loans can have an immediate impact on a lender’s business. The underwriting process has changed quite a bit throughout the past decade. The better lenders understand why that is, the more you might grasp what moves to make today for a better tomorrow.
In our latest spotlight on credit-risk evaluation,

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Clarity Services Expands Its Suite of Tools to Protect Lenders From Default

Clarity Services announced today the release of a revolutionary credit verification tool, Clear Last Look™, which allows lenders to verify that a consumer’s credit activity has not changed in the hours between underwriting and funding.

Combined with existing products such as Clear Fraud™, Clear Bank Behavior™, and Clear Tradeline™, the new offering forms a comprehensive, end-to-end chain of solutions to safeguard lenders throughout the entire underwriting journey. Many types of

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Why Alternative Credit Data Is Invaluable

Alternative credit data is often used as a catchall term to describe financial data. This data is typically sourced from alternative financial service providers and account aggregation, on consumers who are not abundantly reported on mainstream credit reports.

Other insightful details may include an individual’s income and employment history, coming from applications underbanked individuals submit for other alternative financial services. The aggregation of all these peripheral particulars can help paint

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Six Ways Clarity Can Improve Your Underwriting

Clarity’s alternative data comes from a variety of financial service providers, including auto financers, short-term installment lenders, small-dollar credit lenders, online small-dollar credit lenders, telecommunications and more.

When this information is combined with a traditional credit report, you have a much better picture of who your applicants are and the level of risk they truly represent.
1. Real-Time Reporting
In the subprime market, it is especially crucial to have real-time

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Clear Bank Behavior™: Robust Product, Predictive Results

Clarity Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of its newest product: Clear Bank Behavior™.

Built upon predictive data elements, preliminary data analysis shows that Clear Bank Behavior™ outperforms current products and proves to be successful to its predecessor.

Clear Bank Behavior™ provides a comprehensive evaluation of your applicant’s banking history by reporting all known bank accounts and enhancing them with bank activity, bank risk scores, check cashing, and retail check

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Clear Bank Behavior™ Provides Insights Into Banking Activity

Clarity Services, Inc., is proud to announce its newest product: Clear Bank Behavior™.

With expanded visibility into both current and historical bank account usage patterns, Clear Bank Behavior™ provides Clarity customers with more than a view of a consumer’s current banking status at the time of the requested report; it provides extensive insight into banking activity over a five-year span. This expanded visibility is intended to assist lenders in evaluating consumer

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Clear Bureau Lite™ Helps Lenders Make Better Underwriting Decisions

Clarity Services, Inc., is proud to announce its enhancement of Clear Bureau Lite™. A robust and cost-effective product, Clear Bureau Lite™ arms lenders with multiple benchmarks and other variables to assess risk, and now allows providers the flexibility of choosing three different scores to help meet their underwriting needs.

“Our providers have expressed their interests in using the FICO score, so we listened to them and have made this happen,”

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