Fraud Detection Solutions

Clear Fraud™

Clear Fraud™ combines powerful information across two credit bureaus to help lenders identify applicants that are unlikely to pay due to fraudulent intentions. Clear Fraud™ substantially out-performs all other identity verification and fraud tools used throughout the industry.


  • Provides more than 200 predictive variables for fraud detection.
  • Delivers an industry-leading score that is:
    • Designed to rank order the risk of default due to fraud.
    • FCRA-regulated and supported by reason codes.
  • Verifies a consumer’s identity with supporting details.
  • Supplies information about the presence of proven fraud indicators.
  • Makes key associations across the entire Clarity database to provide metrics related to:
    • The consistency of information provided by the applicant over time.
    • The speed at which information is being changed by the applicant.
    • Linkages between the current applicant and past applicants.

Clear Location™

Clear Location™ dentifies fraud by way of discrepancy searches conducted between the actual device location and the location provided on the consumer loan application.


Calculates distances between the applicant’s:

    • Home Address.
    • Work Address.
    • Device IP Address.
    • Mobile Phone Location.


Clear PC Fraud™

Clear PC Fraud helps lenders look beyond application data. Through a partnership with iovation, Clarity combines key application metrics with the latest in IP geolocation, device identification, and device risk profiling to help thwart sophisticated fraud attempts.


      • Provides critical details about an applicant’s device through:
        • Identification – Using IP geolocation, device identification, and proxy piercing to instantly and accurately identify every device to determine if it has been seen before.
        • Association – Leveraging intelligence on more than one billion devices worldwide to look for meaningful connections.
        • Reputation – Using historical behavior associated with device to predict the likelihood of fraud.
      • Aggregates all of the application information seen from the device across the entire Clarity database.
      • Creates a robust crosstab matrix that compares both current and prior application elements.
      • Calculates key time differences and distances to isolate fraud.