Fraud Solutions

Clear Fraud™

Clear Fraud™ identifies consumers who are unlikely to pay due to fraudulent intentions. Clear Fraud™ combines data across two credit bureaus, Experian and Clarity, to provide an industry specific fraud score that predicts the likelyhood of early default.

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Clear Fraud Attributes™

Clear Fraud Attributes™ is a subset of Clear Fraud™, which leverages Clarity’s exclusive data.

Clear Digital Identity™

Clear Digital Identity™ authenticates a consumer’s identity and detects fraud by using key data elements including phone, email and IP address.

Clear PC Fraud™

Clear PC Fraud™ gathers information about a consumer’s devices and then uses that information along with the application data to assess fraud risk.

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Clear Location™

Clear Location™ identifies fraud by way of discrepency searches conducted between the actual device location and the location provided by the applicant.